ArtOn 4 ®, at the BARD Conference 2016 in UK

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ArtOn Systems presents a unique immediate load system, ArtOn 4 ®, at the BARD Conference 2016 in UK


Nowadays there is a large amount of immediate load systems. However, how many of them include the setting in of a definitive fixed prosthesis in less than 24 hours after the surgery?


The team that composes the company ArtOn Systems has a tremendous expertise on practising this innovative system they have created and patented, with a minimum rate of failure. In fact, this team is able to set in the final prosthesis in just 8 hours. Their secret relies on their hands instead of expensive technological machines. The hands of the surgeon and the hands of the dental technician. Arts, science and expertise, when combined, result in a titanium structure to be placed the very same day of the surgery, only to be removed for cleaning purposes. Many advantages turn this immediate load system into one of the most competitive in market.

(ArtOn 4 ®)
(ArtOn 4®)

This solution and the main product by ArtOn Systems is called ArtOn 4 ®, conceived for immediate full arch replacement by using 4, 6 or 8 implants. Its distinctive feature is the incorporation of a definitive hybrid prosthesis made of titanium and composite within 12 hours after the surgery, among some of the most reliable and easy to use impression systems for dental implants.


After a clinical stay into their clinic in Tenerife (Spain), Artedental, the president of the British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD), Paul Tipton, invited Dr. Víctor Cubillo, surgeon, co-founder and medical director of ArtOn Systems; and Dr. Eugene Marais, president of the British Academy of Dental Implantology and UK delegate of ArtOn Systems, to hold a lecture on the ArtOn 4 ® at the BARD Conference 2016, one the most relevant events in Dentistry across Europe, where over 150 of the foremost dentist in UK share lectures and discussions on this topic.

at the stage
(Placement of the prosthesis at the stage)

Dr. Cubillo and Dr. Marais launched the ArtOn 4 ® in a quite creative way. They performed a live immediate load surgery using this system the day before of the lecture that was seen via streaming through YouTube. 24 hours later, the day of the conference, they placed the definitive prosthesis created by the dental technician and technical director of ArtOn Systems, Volker Samrei, in less than 8 hours. And they set it in at the stage, in front of the whole audience, after displaying a fantastic video resume of the procedure, produced by Input350 Dental Marketing. To prove the reliability of the ArtOn 4®, the patient took part in the conference and could be asked by anyone one day after the surgery and just a moment after the placement of the prosthesis. The audience broke into applause, astonished. ArtOn Systems team, along with an overwhelming marketing powered by Input360, may have turned this lecture into a milestone in Dentistry.

Lecture BARD

Later, Dr. Víctor Cubillo explained the advantages of this pioneering system that should leave nobody indifferent due to its efficiency and costs.  He showed its advantages at the lecture by describing several cases he and his team have treated during these last years.


As Dr. Cubillo stated at the BARD Conference, ‘ArtOn 4 ® solves all the problems that immediate load had’:

RX ArtOn 4
  • It stabilizes the implants with a Ti framework from day 1. The framework spreads and equalizes the effect of the chewing forces among the implants. This reduces the peri-implant stress, reducing peri-implantitis and bone loss. Titanium flexibility allows bones micro movements. This gives you the chance of making full arches with no risk.
ArtOn 4 prosthesis
2a 2b ArtOn 4
(2a) (2b)
  • Increases the protheses strength, minimizing the volume, improving aesthetics and hygiene.
 more comfortable for the patient.
  • And it´s masticatory functionality is hugely improved.
the impression

And all this is possible making only one immediate load prosthesis.

In their surgery protocol, it is essential to save as much bone and bone graft as possible. They intend to achieve far more ridge volume than it is stablished in nowadays protocols. Therefore, this system increases the long term durability and improves the aesthetics.

The materials used are PMMA teeth, titanium and composite.
The materials used are PMMA teeth, titanium and composite.


  • Any dentist can modify the titanium structure and substitute a failed implant. Many times some of the implants Dr. Cubillo and his team place are not loadable, specially the ones at the back areas. However, once they are osseo-integrated, they just add a new piece to the ArtOn 4 ® structure.
ArtOn repair
ArtOn repair
  • Thanks to this solution, this team can repair the teeth at the dental practice at minimal costs. If any tooth is worn or the patient has new aesthetic requirements.
  • Thanks to this solution, this team can repair the teeth at the dental practice at minimal costs. If any tooth is worn or the patient has new aesthetic requirements.
  • It can be relined when it´s needed. Bone and gum will eventually recede, and the dentist just reline


To summarise, ArtOn 4® is aesthetic, strong, light and reliable. A definitive immediate load system. Any dentist can use this product at his clinic as a licensee or offer it to patients. In case the clinic does not have a surgery team, ArtOn Systems provides the clinic with specialised surgeons and technicians. More information at

ArtOn Systems team


ArtOn Systems team with Prof. Paul Tipton (in the middle) and the patient after the lecture held by Víctor Cubillo and Eugene Marais: “ArtOn4®. A Paradigm Shift in Definitive Prosthetic Solutions” at the BARD Conference 2016.


Víctor Cubillo Blasco

University Degree in Odontology by Universidad Adolfo X El Sabio, Madrid.

Master’s Degree in Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation by ESORIB Institute, Madrid-Paris-New York.

CoDeveloper of the ArtOn4 System, Definitive Immediate Loading.

International Collaborator in Surgery and ArtOn 4 ®. Vienna, Zurich, Linz and UK.

Doctor in charge at Artedental Clinic. Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Spain).


Eugene Marais

Graduated from the University of Pretoria and fellow of the MISCH Implant Institute.

Fellowship status and later Diplomat status of the ICOI. Fellow of the International Association of Facial Dental Esthetics, and currently President of the British Academy of Dental Implantology.

Keynote speaker at several international events reflecting on his expertise in his field. As an educator, he has lectured on surgical techniques as Adjunct Professor at the University of Alabama, and for years was clinical director for a leading implant company and a dental training company.


Volker Samrei

Training as a dental technician in Hamburg (laboratory Gregersen).

Laboratory manager laboratory tooth type in Saxony (Grimma).

Training for instructors in dentistry (ADA) in Saxony.

Business administration studies in dentistry in matters.

Laboratory Director of Artedental Tenerife. Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife (Spain).

Co-founder of ArtOn Systems. Patentee (with partners).


This is the article on ArtOn Systems and our participation at the BARD Conference 2016 that the specialized magazine Up-to-Date has published.

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