ArtOn 4® wins European Patent

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Another major step as ArtOn 4® wins European Patent

Artedental has obtained the grant of the European Patent for a prosthetic system that eliminates the patient’s waiting time.

It’s been six years since the team at the Artedental clinic, located in Puerto de la Cruz, began its adventure with ArtOn 4® ( “art on four implants”).

Víctor Cubillo, medical director and surgeon of the clinic; Volker Samrei and Marcus Lauch, both prosthetists, devised this revolutionary implant solution.

The system means a patient, in need of replacing a whole dental arcade (upper or lower) with a prosthesis, does not have to wait up to six months with a temporary denture but can go home the same day of the placement of the implants with a prosthesis that will be maintained for the rest of their life.

On November 16th, the European Patent Office publis-hed the grant of this patent, something that happens little in the islands. Not only at the concession level but also at the request level.

According to the data of this institution, in 2015 only eleven European patents from the Canary Islands were requested, 0.7% of the national total. On the other hand, according to the Canary Islands Government’s R + D + I Observatory with data collected by the National Statistics Institute and the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, there is less than one application for European patents filed per million inhabitants every year in the Canary Islands (data from 2007 to 2012).

In the dental industry, ArtOn 4® represents a qualitative and quantitative leap

The rest of the solutions offered in the international market allows replacing the entire arcade on the same day, which is called “immediate loading”. However, its fundamental weakness is that the patient goes home with a prosthesis that is not the definitive one. The provisional prosthesis is usually made of materials of lesser quality than the definitive one, with many possibilities of breaking during the time of waiting of at least six months. With ArtOn 4®, thanks to the materials used, the prosthesis with which the patient leaves the clinic is definitive.

It is true that the gingiva has to heal, and therefore further modifications of the prosthesis are required, but the material used with ArtOn 4®, the composite, can be restructured without the need to manufac-ture a new prosthesis. The cost savings for the patient is fundamental, because instead of requiring two prostheses you will only need one. And the patient also get from the beginning the quality, aesthetics and functionality of a definitive prosthesis.

For Volker Samrei, Artedental’s prosthetic director, “with this system it is possible to avoid the patient a path of suffering until obtaining the definitive solution. Thanks to the manufacturing process of ArtOn 4® and the materials used, it makes it easier to choose one of the most expensive and functional solutions on the market”.

On November 16th, after almost three years of proces-sing and after having obtained the Spanish Patent, the European Patent Office published the European Patent grant, which means recognising “the exclusive and exclusive right and ownership of the use in the market of the patented technology “

For Dr. Víctor Cubillo, “it is a great satisfaction to see how the patent advanced in stages and confirming the novelty of the system.” And Volker Samrei said it showed how with the dentist and prosthetic working hand in hand, ideas like this can lead to success.

Volke Samrei, Amaya Saez, dr. Victor Cubillo
Volke Samrei, Amaya Saez, dr. Victor Cubillo

This is just one more step in the development that this team is projecting with ArtOn 4®

Several years ago, together with the manager of the clinic Amaya Sáez, the company ArtOn Systems was created. Through it they teach courses throughout Europe and here in Tenerife so that the professionals of the sector can offer ArtOn 4® in their clinics, and has aroused such interest in Europe that this year were invited to present this innovative system at the annual Congress of The British Academy of Restorative Dentistry (BARD), to more than a hundred specialists on the continent.

Amaya Sáez is optimistic about the success of the team, saying: “ArtOn 4® improves the quality of life for those who have already suffered from the effects of years of bad teeth. Not only in the aesthetic part, but functional, depriving them of eating certain dishes, even smiling for shame. Thanks to ArtOn 4®, a broader spectrum of our society has access to a solution that can really change their lives”.

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