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What is ArtOn Systems?

ArtOn Systems is an immediate load system using a definitive prosthesis on implants. It is a solution for those patients who have lost or may loose all their teeth and want a fixed, definitive, functional, hygienic, comfortable and aesthetic system.

ArtOn Systems is an affordable system too.

How does ArtOn Systems work?

ArtOn 4® allows us to replace the full arch, superior or inferior, using a minimum of 4 titanium implants which support the prosthesis replacing your teeth. Implants are strategically placed so the prosthesis achieves the proper stability. In certain cases, it may be necessary more implants are placed, 6 or 8, depending on the conditions of the mouth of the patient.

ArtOn Prótesis

What makes ArtOn Systems a different system from other solutions in the market?

The main difference is that this system does not need a provisional prosthesis that must be changed 6 months after the implant surgery. The prosthesis is definitive, and screwed 24 h after the implants are inserted. Thanks to this, we do not only reduce the annoyance of the patient, but also the costs without reducing the quality of the process, materials or pieces.

What is ArtOn 4® prosthesis made of?

The prosthesis is manufactured and customized in Artedental laboratories by high qualified professionals. First of all, the surgeon takes the bite registration once the implants are placed. It is manufactured by hand and the aesthetics are previously agreed regarding shape, colour, size, etc.

ArtOn 4® is composed by a titanium structure which distributes the bite loads over implants in a homogeneous way, whilst allowing the usual bone micro movements. The prosthesis is made of composite, a highly resistant material composed of glass, carbon or ceramic fibers whose use goes from aeronautics to civil engineering. Composite allows the prosthesis to be modified so it is adapted to the final situation of the soft tissues once the healing process has finished. Therefore, it is unnecessary the manufacture of a second prosthesis.

Moreover, if the prothesis becomes fractured or broken, it can be repaired, unlike other prosthesis made of ceramics, which must be replaced by a new one.

ArtOn Systems benefits for the patient

You will bite and smile again without fear of your denture moves or falls in the wrong time. You will recover self-confidence.
The use of implants also stops the loss of bone produced by the lack of stimulus derived from the lost teeth. Besides, when the bite is restored, it prevents natural teeth from moving from their right position.
You will eat again everything you want just a couple of days after the surgery.
You do not need to wait 6 months to have your definitive prosthesis. The day after the surgery, you will have your teeth finished.
In case you wear a removable denture, you will prove that you can taste and talk as you used to when you had your natural teeth. Forget about the glass of water in your nightstand.
The reduced number of implants plus the fact that the provisional prosthesis is unnecessary, makes this treatment more affordable.
Is it suitable for me?

Amount of teeth to replace

ArtOn 4®, 6, 8 is a prosthetic system for toothless or potentially toothless patients. In case patients may keep natural teeth, it is recommended to place bridges or crowns supported by implants. The number of implants to be placed will depend on the conditions of each patient, and requires a previous study by the professional. It is a completely customized treatment, including every step from the study to the manufacturing of an individualized prosthesis.

Thanks to our dental 3D scanner you will be able to know your condition in one single visit.

General health status

It is important to control pathologies like diabetes, which may endanger the result of the implants. Specific illnesses like gum disease or pyorrhea will be also studied, which must be treated before the surgery.


Smoking is not a counter-indication for carrying out this technique, but it may produce a worse bone integration of the implants, so it is highly recommended to quit smoking. In case the patient cannot quit smoking definitely, it is recommended he quits at least 2 weeks before the procedure and keeps like this 6 or 8 weeks later.

Maxillary bone volume

When the volume and/or quality of alveolar bone (the bone that holds teeth) are inappropriate, a surgical reconstruction may be performed -bone regeneration- to restore its ideal conditions.

There are also cases in which the patient has not enough room in the maxilla to fix the implants, and a sinus lift surgery must be carried out. In Artedental Tenerife, we are certified in the iRaise technique. Thanks to this technique, we can perform the sinus lift at the same time the implants are inserted, through the same cavity, avoiding an open surgery with a painful post-surgery process.

How much does ArtOn Systems cost?

ArtOn 4,6,8 precios


. First visit, treatment plan, study models and professional cleaning.

. 3D Scanner. If the scanning is performed in Artedental the previous 6 months, the cost will be discounted from the final price.

. Oral Surgery.
. Tissue regeneration surgery with plasma rich in growth factors.
. And bone regeneration surgery.
. Post-surgery controls, ozone therapy.
. Bimonthly X-Ray controls during the integration process.
. Implants and abutments.
. Manufacturer guarantee and traceability code for all the pieces.
. Immediate load definitive prosthesis.
. Rebase and realignment after the immediate load integration process.
. 5 years guarantee of the prosthesis.

For patients non-resident in the island

. Three hotel nights (B.B.) -Single room with breakfast-.
. Transfers airport/ hotel, hotel/ clinic.

Not included:

. External laboratory tests (blood test, bone densitometry, tissues biopsy, etc.)

. Sinus lift surgery.

Available optional services:

. Intravenous conscious sedation.
. Analgesia inhaler, Kalinox.
. Lines, lips and lip corner filling (hyaluronic acid).

Does implants surgery hurt? Will I recover soon?

Implants surgery is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. As a reference, we confirm you that is less painful than dental extractions. After the surgery, analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs are provided to reduce possible pain and annoyances.

For patients suffering dental phobia or fear, as well as for those who prefer the 4 hours surgery goes quick, the clinic also provides with intravenous conscious sedation. This service is provided by doctors specialized in anesthesia, who stay next to the patient the whole procedure.

We also provide the patient with inhaler analgesia, Kalinox, which allows the sedation to patients with apprehension and want to be relaxed before and after the treatment.

Generally, the patient is able to eat normally 24 hours after the surgery, when the prosthesis is screwed. We have patients who go back to work the following day of the surgery, but as we are in Tenerife, we recommend you to enjoy the great beaches, mountains and landscapes this island offers.

Do not hesitate, ask for an appointment in Artedental and truly smile again.


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