Conscious sedation


Conscious Sedation in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Intravenous conscious sedation is the ideal solution for dealing with the fear of dental interventions. It is performed in a very safe environment and the patient will be able to respond to verbal and physical stimuli with a minimal level of consciousness, as it is not a general anaesthetic.

Intravenous sedation is ideal for children and patients with disabilities that make it difficult for them to remain calm during the procedure. Fear of the dentist is no longer a problem in our dental clinic in Tenerife.

También pacientes que vayan a someterse a intervenciones largas, como por ejemplo de implantes, que requieren estar mucho tiempo en una situación algo incómoda. O bien si el paciente va a recibir varios tratamientos un mismo día por uno o varios especialistas.

Se trata de hacer más cómoda la experiencia para el paciente en el dentista.

Patients who may benefit from conscious sedation
1. Healthy patients
2. Patients with a mild and controlled systemic disease. For example moderate hypertension or obesity, a controlled diabetic.
3. Patients with severe systemic disease with functional limitation but not incapacitating, e.g. old myocardial infarction or decompensated diabetes mellitus, must be previously evaluated by the anaesthesiologist, in case it is necessary for the intervention to be performed in a hospital operating theatre.
Who administers conscious sedation at Artedental?

Conscious sedation must always be administered by an anaesthesiologist, a doctor specialised in anaesthesia and resuscitation. In the Artedental dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz this is always the case.

We rely on the services of ANESTPRO and Dr. Rafael Omaña García, a doctor specialised in anaesthesiology, resuscitation and pain therapy. Trained at the Vall d’Hebrón University Hospital (Barcelona). FEA at the Hospital General de La Palma.

The anaesthesiologist monitors the patient throughout the treatment so that he/she is in optimal conditions of safety, comfort and analgesia at all times. It is a complete monitoring that includes electrocardiogram, saturation, blood pressure and also encephalographic monitoring.

The anaesthesiologist is also in charge of resuscitation, checking that the patient is ready to be discharged.

sedación conciente intravenosa

It is also an advantage for the dentist that the patient is under sedation. The main advantage is that the patient is calm but cooperative and feels comfortable at all times. And as the patient is controlled by the anaesthesia specialist, the dentist can forget about that part and concentrate more on the operation itself.
In our Dental Clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, at Artedental, we are specialists in dental implants. We have a lot of experience with conscious sedation in dentistry.

Frequently asked questions about sedation in dentistry

Sedation is a part of general anaesthesia. But, while the anaesthetised person loses awareness of what is going on around them, patients under sedation retain consciousness and reflexes. There is awareness but no pain or fear.

When the patient is under the effects of conscious sedation he does not feel any pain. They are calm and quiet but can be aware of what is going on around them, they can answer the doctor’s questions, they can breathe on their own, they can move around.

Artedental offers patients all the advantages of conscious sedation in Puerto de la Cruz.

Administering intravenous conscious sedation is painless. There will of course be a small pin prick to administer it but, even then, we can make it painless if you are afraid of needles.

Conscious sedation allows for a completely painless procedure and allows the patient to be comfortable for the duration of the procedure.

The anaesthesiologist is in charge of the resuscitation by checking that the patient is fit to be discharged. Basically, the patient should have normal blood pressure, respiratory function and pulse rate and be able to walk on their own in a stable manner.
It is always recommended that the patient leaves the dental clinic accompanied and does not drive that day. If possible, it is best to rest and not work that day.

Each case and each patient has different needs, which is why at Artedental we recommend making an appointment, which is free of charge, so that we can study the case and offer you an estimate, also free of charge and without obligation, for both the sedation and the dental treatment you require.

As a guideline we can indicate that the price of intravenous conscious sedation at Artedental in Puerto de la Cruz is from 490€.

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