Dental check-ups and cleaning


Dental check-ups and cleanings in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Regular dental check-ups

The best way to look after our dental health is prevention. Dental check-ups and professional cleanings help us in this task.

A check-up at the dental clinic can tell us if everything is going well in our mouth or if we have a small problem to correct, before it becomes a bigger problem.  Ideally, you should have a dental check-up every 6 months, unless your specialist tells you otherwise.

At each check-up, the dentist will examine your teeth, your gums, your bite and your oral cavity as a whole. He or she will also ask you some questions about whether you have had any health problems since you last saw your dentist. If everything is fine, you will go home with peace of mind until your next check-up.


Dental cleanings:

Professional teeth cleaning is very necessary to prevent tooth infections and gum diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis. Professional cleaning reaches those places you can’t reach at home and can also get rid of the tartar that gradually builds up on your teeth.

Ultrasonic teeth cleaning uses the power of high-frequency sound waves to help remove plaque and tartar from teeth. Teeth cleaning also clears up some, but not all, of the stains on your teeth.

Also keep in mind that many interdental cavities or cavities in the neck of the teeth may be hidden under plaque and tartar. It is very important to do a good cleaning to expose these lesions as soon as possible.

limpieza dental puerto de la cruz
Here are some compelling reasons to get a cleanse:
1. Eliminate bad breath (halitosis)
2. Uncover hidden cavities that can become bigger without us even realising it.
3. Prevent gingivitis, periopdontitis and other gum diseases.
4. Leave teeth looking better, eliminating stains and accumulated tartar.
Frequently asked questions:

At Artedental, in Puerto de la Cruz, check-ups are free of charge, we will only charge you for any tests that may be necessary, such as an X-ray, and we will always ask you before doing so.

It is possible that a cleaning or further treatment may be necessary, for example if we discover a cavity. In these cases we will inform you and prepare an estimate for you to decide without any kind of obligation.

It is painless, the cleaning technique is painless, most patients will only feel a vibration. But some patients with very sensitive teeth, or those with exposed tooth roots, may feel discomfort; in this case the cleaning can be done under local anaesthesia if necessary.

In our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz we take great care to ensure that you feel comfortable and at ease at all times, even during dental cleanings.

The professional specialised in dental cleaning is the dental hygienist who has a specific qualification that enables him/her to carry out, for example, dental cleaning and whitening.

At the Artedental Dental Clinic in Puerto de la Cruz, the price of a dental cleaning is 70€ per session.

It is usual, especially if you have regular cleanings, to have just one session. Sometimes, when the amount of tartar is very large, two sessions are needed.

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