Hybrid prosthesis on implants


Placement of dental prostheses on implants, Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


A hybrid prosthesis is a fixed structure screwed onto dental implants with the aim of replacing both the teeth and the lost gum.

With this type of prosthesis the patient feels as if they are wearing their own teeth as it is fixed and has no palate, so the sensation is very natural.

What is a hybrid prosthesis

This type of dental prosthesis consists of a metallic structure, made of titanium or chrome/nikel, which is covered with an acrylic material that supports the white resin or porcelain teeth (in different shades) that will give it an aesthetic very similar to that of real teeth and gums.

This structure is screwed to the implants, which have been previously placed in the patient’s maxillary bone, by means of specific pieces (pillars) and then the hole in the “screw head” is covered with composite.

Normally the number of implants placed to support this type of prosthesis is between 4 and 6, depending on whether it is the upper or lower arch.

hibridas sobre implantes
Advantages of hybrid prostheses
1. Comfort

As it is a fixed prosthesis on implants, it does not move. Nor does it have a palate, so when the patient gets used to it, after a few days, it is as if they were wearing their own teeth.

2. Aesthetics

The appearance is like that of natural teeth and the colour is decided taking into account the type of skin and the colour of the patient’s gums to make it look natural.

3. Less chewing load

This type of prosthesis offers a greater reduction of occlusal impact forces as the acrylic acts as an intermediate phase between the teeth and the metal framework.

4. Ease of repair

The specialist can remove the prosthesis for repair and then replace it.

Disadvantages of implant-supported dental prostheses
1. The cost

Hybrid dentures are somewhat more expensive than an overdenture. On the other hand, they are cheaper than replacing each and every tooth in an arch with a single implant with crown.

2. Maintenance and hygiene

This type of prosthesis requires a certain amount of skill and consistency in hygiene and regular visits to the specialist to have it removed for a thorough cleaning and revision of the implants.

Differences to an overdenture

The difference between a hybrid prosthesis and an overdenture is that the hybrid prosthesis is screwed to the abutment (the connection to the implant) and cannot be removed by the patient, whereas the overdenture can be removed by the patient, even when supported by implants.

Frequently asked questions

No, it is not necessary. When the implants are placed, a temporary prosthesis can be fitted until the implants are fully integrated into the bone, at which point the definitive prosthesis is fitted.

At Artedental we prefer to first study the particular case of each patient, free of charge, and provide a proposal of the different alternatives and an estimate, also free of charge and without any kind of obligation.

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