Inhalation Sedation


Inhalation sedation in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Inhalation sedation is a technique whereby the patient breathes in a nitrous oxide mixture that quickly produces a pleasant feeling of relaxation. The aim is to control fear and anxiety during treatment and the patient remains conscious throughout. Those who are treated with this technique have a general feeling of relaxation and well-being, maintaining awareness and control of themselves at all times.

Application of inhalation sedation

Inhalation sedation is applied by means of a small mask that is placed over the patient’s nose.

The gases are mixed by the anaesthesia specialist using an electronic dosing device that safely delivers the desired percentage of nitrous oxide and oxygen. The patient breathes normally through the nose and within a few minutes will feel relaxed.

sedacion inhalatoria
Frequently asked questions

1. Patients with a fear or phobia of the dentist.

2. In the case of very long treatments such as implants or where many teeth have to be restored, for example.

3. Patients with problems to be calm and quiet, for example due to some kind of disability.

4. Patients with a very high sensitivity or with uncomfortable treatments.

Always a qualified anaesthetist.

As with any medical procedure, risks can occur if sedation is not properly controlled.

Sedation should always be performed by qualified anaesthetists who are in charge of assessing the patient at all times while the sedation is being administered. During the treatment, the anaesthetist monitors the patient’s

  • Patient’s response to verbal and physical stimuli.
  • Stable respiratory and heart rate
  • That the proportion of gases is adjusted to each patient.
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