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Maxillary sinus elevation is performed in patients with low maxillary bone height, which is necessary to achieve a sufficient surface area on which the implant can rest and to ensure perfect stability.

To achieve this elevation, the membrane covering the bone of the maxillary sinus is lifted, creating a space between the maxillary bone and this membrane in which the graft material is placed.

The maxillary sinus elevation is performed in the molar and premolar areas of the upper jaw, as the bone height decreases after the loss of these teeth.

There are two types of techniques for bone grafting in the maxillary sinus. One of them is called atraumatic technique and the other is called traumatic technique.

Artedental is a pioneer in the Canary Islands in another new technique, the iRaise sinus lift technique. With this technique, the bone graft is placed in the same procedure in which the implants are placed.

Maxillary sinus lift
1. Poor vertical bone availability

This may be due to excessive pneumatization of the sinus, bone loss in the edentulous area or a combination of both situations.

A long time without teeth in the area, periodontal diseases, age, sex, use of removable prostheses in the area… can be the cause of bone loss.

2. Atraumatic sinus lift

This technique is used when the amount of missing bone is minimal. It consists of elevating the floor of the maxillary sinus using the holes created in the drilling to place the implants. It is done with blunt-tipped instruments called osteotomes, which gently push on the sinus membrane.

3. Traumatic sinus lift or lateral window sinus lift

An opening is made in the posterior region of the upper jaw where the sinus membrane is located, which is carefully pushed into the cavity. The space obtained will be filled with synthetic bone that will become your own over time.

In 6 months you will have enough bone to place dental implants in a stable manner.

4 iRaise method.

iRaise is a new method that requires a simpler surgery. The sinus lift is performed through the same hole in which the implants are to be placed. This is thanks to the shape of the iRaise implant. The implant has a channel through which a saline solution is first injected to loosen the sinus membrane and then the bone filler material in the form of a gel. After about 6 months the implant is ready to support the crown.

elevación de seno Tenerife
elevación de seno maxilar Puerto de la Cruz
Frequently asked questions

Sinus lift surgery takes about 20 minutes.

In our dental clinic in Puerto de la Cruz we will inform you about everything you need to know about sinus lift surgery.

A sinus lift is performed under local anaesthesia and is painless. For patients with fear or special needs it can also be performed under sedation, always under the supervision of a specialist.

After the procedure, there may be some swelling but no pain.

There are several possible causes, but one of the most frequent is that the area has been without teeth for a long time. We can therefore see the importance of replacing lost teeth as soon as possible.

That is why at the Artedental clinic in Tenerife, we always advise our patients to replace lost teeth as soon as possible and avoid future problems.

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