Removable prosthesis


Removable prosthesis in Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife


Removable dental prosthesis is a treatment to replace missing teeth by means of oral appliances that carry artificial teeth, which can and must be removed from the mouth to facilitate cleaning.


They are the most economical and immediate solution for replacing missing teeth and the best alternative when the patient is unable to undergo implant treatment, either for medical or financial reasons.

What does a removable denture look like?
We have two types of removable dental prostheses:

Partial removable dentures. which is a metal structure with several artificial teeth that are attached to the patient’s existing teeth by means of metal clasps.

Complete removable prostheses which are what we usually call “dentures” and which are adjusted to the gum by means of adhesive products. The alternative to complete removable prostheses are fixed prostheses on dental implants.

protesis removible completa baba lena Puerto de la cruz
Advantages of removable prostheses
1. Their price.
2. They can be used in cases where other types of treatment fail.
3. They are very durable.
4. They can be very well adapted to each case.
Disadvantages of removable prostheses
1. The fixation is not so perfect.
2. They are easier to lose or can be damaged by carelessness.
3. They are less aesthetically pleasing.
4. The sensation in the mouth is less natural.
Prótesis removible parcial, puerto de la Cruz
Frequently asked questions

It depends on each case and the care that the patient takes with it, but the lifespan of a removable prosthesis is about 5 to 10 years.

You should not sleep with dentures in, at least not often, because they accumulate bacteria that can cause bad odour, halitosis, and also oral infections.

 At Artedental, in Puerto de la Cruz, we work with the best prosthetists so that your dentures are fully functional and aesthetic and we do not rest until they fit you perfectly.

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