iRaise, a new technique for replacing teeth

Complications when restoring a tooth? Artedental has become the first clinic in the Canary Islands to apply a technique that relieves the patient’s suffering, iRaise.

Have you lost any tooth? In that case, you are not alone.

It is more common than most people think and not only among older people. Dentistry has advanced so quickly and techniques to replace missing teeth are so many that, at this moment, your partner could be toothless and you wouldn’t have noticed it. In case this paragraph has made you suspicious, some advice: never ask.

Problems appear if we don´t give any importance to missing teeth. For instance, when losing the back teeth, as they are located in areas not very visible, you may think it’s not necessary to visit the dentist. Serious mistake. Advanced age may complicate this situation too.

Placing implants to restore teeth is the most biological, functional and aesthetic replacing method. However, not every patient meets the proper conditions for it. If teeth have been missing for a long time, there is often no room for implants in the bone of the upper jaw. This bone works like the soil that grabs the tree: it holds the implant providing it with strength and stability; and keeps a direct, functional and structural connection.

To solve this bone reduction, experts have developed the sinus lift, a technique studied since the 20th century. Maxillary sinuses are the cavities located within the bones of each cheek. Currently, the method used for their elevation is opening a “lateral window” to fill them with bone graft, raising the volume of the bone. Post-surgery can be long and painful for the patient, causing inflammation and discomfort due to the cut of large amounts of gum and bone.

Until just a few months ago, this was the only way to perform a sinus lift in the Islands.

On May 7th and 8th, Dr. Víctor Cubillo, medical director at Dr., originated in Israel.

It consists of placing the bone graft in the same procedure in which the implants are placed. All this thanks to a unique design: the key feature of the implant is an internal channel used to introduce the bone graft to the maxilla, highly raising the volume of the bone and avoiding previous surgery. Despite the fact that iRaise distribution has barely started in Spain, it´s already being used in several countries around Europe like France, Italy, Belgium or Germany.

The co-founder of this system, researcher and Dr. Hadar Better, also past president of the Israeli Association for Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, chose Dr. Cubillo as the only trainer for the whole Canary Islands.

According to Dr.Better, he made this decision based upon “Cubillo’s career on bone regeneration and his constant search for alternative systems minimally invasive that avoid painful or remarkable post-surgery processes due to the presence of bruises and inflammation, as well as reducing the quantity of appointments a patient needs for his definitive restoration through implants”.

The training, directed by Dr. Batter himself, included the application of this innovative system to several patients of Artedental clinic. The members of the board of directors feel “enthusiastic” about practising this state-of-art system in the Canary Islands, since it “solves the disadvantages of an aggressive and painful treatment for patients”. Experts of this clinic located at Puerto de la Cruz have already started to supply evidence on the results of the placed implants that, for the moment, “have been a success”, including them in their services offered.
Article published in Tenerife News


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