Coeliac disease is a condition where the body has an adverse reaction to gluten (NHS). It is due to a person’s genetic make-up, and it is characterised by an inflammatory reaction caused by the immune system in the small bowel mucosa (villus), which blocks the absorption of nutrients.
Coeliac disease may appear in many ways in our body, and may affect almost every organ. Gluten intolerance may also appear when we are babies or in any other period of our life.

Gluten intolerance and the teeth of kids

In the case of little kids, dental enamel disorders may be the first reaction the disease presents. That’s why, specially when having family history of coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity, we must pay attention to the general evolution of the oral and kid’s teeth health, since gluten intolerance and teeth are strongly associated.
Symptoms in Dental Enamel

  1. Increase of tooth decay. Kids having gluten intolerance usually experiment insufficient mineralisation because they don’t absorb nutrients properly.
  2. Enamel discoloration. Discoloration appears in both milk and adult teeth. It consists of white, yellow or brown discoloration stains in splash or strips shape and gives a traslucid appearance to the teeth. Imperfections are symmetric, and they usually appear in central incisors, followed by molars, canine teeth and premolars.
  3. Cracked teeth. Usually, we find cracked and splintered teeth.

 gluten y dientes

Other symptoms

  1. More dental sensitivity
  2. Gum disease

Gluten intolerance and the teeth of adults

In adults, when the disease appears, teeth and molars are already formed and they won´t have those stains and deformity characteristic when our body cannot get the “materials” to build them. Major problems will be then:

  1. Tooth decay
  2. Sores or recurrent ulcers 
  3. Gum swelling and irritation


The treatment consists of following a gluten-free diet, so gum problems and tooth decay get better. In that way, we will prevent multiple organic problems produced by them and that even may cause death.
Good oral hygiene is necessary, and we must check the tooth paste and the mouthwash we use are gluten-free, because some of them contain it and, in case they contain gluten, we must try kids don’t swallow them.
Unfortunately, problems caused in the enamel are irreversible, since the dental enamel is an acellular tissue and so, once the tooth is “built”, we can do nothing. That’s why is so important detecting the disease at the moment it appears. Visiting the dentist may help us because it is possible he is the first one to detect the symptoms.
What we can do is treating aesthetic problems with dental veneers, getting a smile with no stains and repairing cracked teeth or imperfections.
When you make an appointment in Artedental Clinic, remember it is important you inform us if you are coeliac or if you suffer any other pathology or allergy, as well as the medication you are taking.
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Make an appointment and we will help you to take care of your teeth. Remember to inform us you are coeliac.


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