Male impotence or erectile dysfunction is defined as the repeated inability to achieve or maintain an erection allowing a satisfactory sexual activity. It must be distinguished from other sexual problems like the lack of sex drive, ejaculatory or orgasm disorders.
Impotence or erectile dysfunction is a disease more frequently than we would think, and it affects both, the relationship the person suffering the disease maintains with his partner and family; as social and work environments. It is believed around 150 million men around the world suffer it.
Causes for dysfunction are, among others, neurological, hormonal and mostly vascular.
In the last few years, several researches have detected a direct connection between men with erectile dysfunction and a previous gum inflammation problem –periodontitis-.
Chronic periodontitis is a group of infectious diseases caused by bacteria that provoke systemic inflammation problems. These problems may follow on an impaired endothelial function of blood vessels, probably affecting the cardiovascular system and chambers that run along penis.disfunción eréctil 1
Researchers of the Inonu University in Malatya, Turkey, carried out an investigation in which they compared 80 men aged 30-40 who suffered erectile dysfunction with another control group with no erection problems. As a result, they proved 53% of men with erectile dysfunction also had gum inflammation, as compared to the 23% of the control group. After the investigation, other researchers have also confirmed this connection.
Therefore, it is really important to keep gum healthy, especially teeth cleaned; not only to prevent sexual problems, but also because gum inflammation may lead to thrombosis and infective endocarditis.
Do not forget to brush your teeth properly

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