Bone regeneration with plasma in Puerto de la Cruz

PRF or PRFC is obtained by removing the entire red blood cell count from the blood collected from the patient by centrifugation, keeping as many white blood cells as possible in perfect condition.
We provide this plasma rich in growth factors to the wound at the time of surgery and with it a large quantity of cells responsible for regeneration and initial healing.
With Prfc we accelerate the healing process, reduce inflammation, minimise possible infections and reduce pain.

Plasma rico en factores de crecimiento. Puerto de la Cruz
Benefits of using plasma rich in growth factors in dentistry
1. Biocompatible, versatile and safe. It does not produce allergies or rejection as it is an autologous material.
2. It is highly effective in tissue regeneration (soft tissue and bone) and in stimulating healing.
3. It reduces the risk of infection.
4. Reduces pain.
5. Reduces inflammation.
Prf puerto de la cruz
Obtaining the Pfr

The process is very simple and painless.

1. A small amount of blood is collected from the patient.
2. Centrifuge to obtain the platelet-rich plasma and discard the red series.
3. The release of growth factors is then activated.
4. We can use it in liquid form or in the form of autologous fibrin membrane.

At Artedental, in Puerto de la Cruz, we use Advanced-PRF which has the characteristic of not containing additives; neither anticoagulant, nor coagulant, nor platelet aggregant. It is only a part of the patient’s blood which is then used for the treatment.

Frequently asked questions

To obtain plasma rich in growth factors, a small volume of blood is collected from the patient and then subjected to a centrifugation process that separates the different plasma fractions.

Growth factors are a set of proteins that are present in plasma and platelets.  These proteins play an essential role in tissue repair and regeneration processes, triggering biological effects such as cell proliferation and differentiation, the generation of new blood vessels and the migration of cells to the sites where regeneration needs to take place.

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