We are what we eat, right, but in the case of our teeth it is also important how we eat and when we do it.

To start with, our teeth need certain materials, both for development and for keeping them strong.
Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, magnesium, fluoride  and proteins (moderately).
Ideally, we should eat a diet that provides us with balanced and enough quantity of these elements. Lots of  leafy green vegetables, cheese or yogurt, integral cereals, dried fruit and nuts, eggs and moderately fish and meat.

  • How:

In order to keep our teeth healthy, chewing is very important since it favours salivary secretion that helps regulating the PH of our mouth and prevents bacteria actions causing tooth decay.
High fiber and crispy foods like celery, apple, carrot and most part of vegetables able to be eaten chopped and raw help us to clean our teeth by sweeping and stimulate salivary secretion.
It is not highly recommended to lick, suck and eat soft and sticky foods, but to eat beast style, this is to say, clean biting. However, if you are eating mussels, better take off the shell first.
biting is good for your teeth

  • When:

There are certain foods we believe are good, for instance, in the morning; and it is not true:
In case we are going out in a hurry, we should not have fruits and acid juices like orange or lemonade for breakfast since when we have acid elements we should wait from 30 to 45 minutes before brushing our teeth. If not, we may damage the enamel on our teeth. The best thing to do is having theses foods at the beginning of the meals and, in case we have them later, rinse your mouth with water, have a piece of cheese or bite sugar free gum to restore the right PH levels as soon as possible.
Something quite similar happens with sugary foods, sticky and with lots of starch. The ideal thing is not eating to many of them and, in case we do it, reserving them for the moment we can brush our teeth right away.
To snack between meals, if we don’t have a toothbrush on hand, the best thing to do is eating some cheese, a piece of celery or carrot, apple, pear, pineapple,… dried fruits or nuts.
And forget giving your children carbonated and sugary drinks as well as commercially prepared juices. It is even worse having them with a straw. The healthiest drinks are water and green or black tea with no sugar. They will help you to remineralize teeth. According to the latest research, polyphenols contained in grape juices and wine might prevent bacterial plaque, therefore, you can have a glass of wine from time to time.
cup of tea
Actually, we should change our eating habits: sweets as a starter, then cooked foods as the main course and finally a crispy salad.

Do you dare to ask for them next time in the restaurant?

Do not forget to brush your teeth properly

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